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Small Brewery duty sees craft brewery industry split

The proposed changes to the Small brewery duty levy announced earlier in 2020 rumble on. Brewing in itself along with the advent of the micro/craft brewery have seen the landscape change significantly. The original proposals put forward in order to stimulate small businesses, together with an overhaul of business rates. Introduced in 2002 small brewery duty encouraged craft brewers to be creative and compete against the corporates. The tax break saw… Read More »

Crash cooling beer before bottling or Kegging and what to avoid

Crash cooling beer is a popular subject and a term often found on bulletin boards and forums. Many prefer to simply brew as they always have and many old school shun the process entirely. Irrespective of your set up cold crash cooling beer can apply to any capacity, home brew, nano or micro. Many explore the method because they want their brew to take on the crystal clear appearance of… Read More »

Craft Beer Home Brewing Equipment – What You Need to Know

Follow your passion, what Craft Beer Home Brewing Equipment do you need to join the burgeoning independent brewery community. Brewing craft beer may not be an exact science precision remains a key factor. Mistakes will surface along the way but smaller volumes correlate to smaller losses. A microbrewery is a springboard for a rewarding business venture and being able to enjoy the fruits of your labours. The positive aspect of… Read More »

R32 refrigerant and future proofing refrigerants for the environment

R-32 refrigerant is a relatively new refrigerant in air conditioning units and an efficient replacement for R410A. Though not a retrofit for R410a and only for use within systems specific to R32. R32 is a lower flammability (and low toxicity) refrigerant, R410A is widely used in air conditioning and cellar cooling systems and first introduced in 1996. The phase out of R410a now gathering momentum since early 2019. The benefits… Read More »