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A Commercial ice cube maker is a machine to provide various shapes and sizes of ice consistently. Ice machines, correctly sized, provide for attractive crystal clear ice to complement all drinks. Whether it be soft drinks or a gin and tonic while also adding value to your product. With Summers becoming increasingly warmer the right ice can make all the difference. Scotsman ice machine products has been at the forefront of the market for over 50 years. Scotsman offer numerous model variations which produce more types of different ice than any other manufacturer.

Most common types of ice are supercube (thimble) and dice (full dice, half dice). Typically dice ice is in the larger fast food outlets while thimble ice is predominant in pubs, clubs and restaurants. Thimble ice has a slow melt rate and are ideal for chilling ambient drinks such as whisky with minimal dilution. Quicker ice production is possible though with dice ice, production from a vertical grid plate. This vertical grid plate remains the most cost effective system where volume is paramount. This type of commercial ice cube maker is  compact and therefore require less floor space than a standard ice machine (horizontal evaporator).

As mentioned this high production ice is ideal for the larger fast food outlets. Moreover dice ice offers a softer texture and blends perfectly and quickly. Dice cubes are typically available in 3 sizes; large size, dice and half dice. Gourmet ice is synonymous with octagonal ice with a cylindrical shape. A solid ice and contains almost an ice to water ratio of 100%. Other manufacturers of quality ice makers include Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, Brema, Icematic, Simag and Maidaid (DC). The vast variety and choice of models/options can seem both overwhelming and confusing.

Commercial Ice Cube Maker Spares

Our second hand ice machines have been ran to exacting standards and full bins. Also Thermair carry a wide variety of spare parts for ice machines with substantial savings over new. As with our advice on the commercial ice flaker machine page care should be taken with siting and sizing. When selecting an ice machine, as per previous guidance, allow 20% additional capacity as a buffer. Freshly produced ice has a typical temperature of -18c > -19c, notably Hoshizaki ice can be moulded as low as -25c. When ice is in a drink the process of heat transfer begins immediately and the ice temperature rises. Ice will not melt until it reaches 0c and thereafter continually melts and diminishes in density and size. How much ice do I need? This is a question met, more often than not, with vacant expressions and how long is a piece of string.

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However asides for allowing a 20% buffer there is a general rule of thumb herewith in our infographic. Most restaurants will use around 1.5lb (.7kg) of ice for each prepared meal. A restaurant and/or outlet will have a good idea of daily meals served and customers so assuming 250 customers. Therefore at .7kgs per customer x 250 comes out at 175kg’s daily. Do I need a water filter for my ice machine? Again we need to remember that ice is a food and a water filter will prolong the life of your commercial ice cube maker. Irrespective of whether you are in a hard water area there are still chemicals and foreign bodies in your supply. If untreated this affects taste and production We recommend, without exception, using a water filter with every ice maker to prolong the life of your restaurant ice cube maker machine.

Do I need an Ice machine water filter?

While also increasing your customers’ satisfaction (remember, ice is food!). Even if you don’t have hard water, there may still be chemicals or sediment in your water. This can and will affect ice production and ice taste. An ice machine filter will reduce the build up of deposits within your machine along with the following benefits. Ice production remains constant, beverages will taste better and the guarantee of crystal clear ice adds to the overall aesthetic. Energy costs correlate to efficiency so consequently lower running costs and higher production. Like many businesses (as well as residential) now on metered water lower water usage will reduce costs. Moreover a long and productive life for your investment. Remember if water in is found to be poor quality and sub standard this will void the warranty for most commercial ice machines. Not purchasing a water filter is a false economy. A Brief History of Ice

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