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Selecting your Commercial Ice Flaker machine with footprint, capacity and storage in mind. No longer the sole preserve of fishmongers and the trendy cocktail bar has seen a surge in demand. The commercialIce Flaker Machine ice flaker machine is a versatile piece of equipment providing an authentic feel. Not only used to preserve fresh fish and shellfish but also temporary storage for super foods such as cress and associated. Also your favourite cocktail. widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and for biochemical and biological studies, medical laboratories and healthcare. Flaked ice provides an authentic feel and an attractive background display in customer facing service areas.

Flake ice remains one of the most economical and efficient mediums for food display, primarily fish and shellfish, while maintaining freshness and humidity. By virtue  of its granular nature flake ice wraps around the product, such as fish, ensuring good contact. As a rule of thumb and from experience add 20% capacity to your selected commercial ice flaker machine. While this is well founded advice cost will be a major consideration. From a typical entry level AF80 Scotsman stepping up to an AF100/103 Scotsman ice flake machine can cost an additional £500. Furthermore increasing capacity upwards to an AF206 (200 kgs) can be substantial. Thereafter modular units together with a Scotsman storage bin come in to play.

The beauty of the storage bins allow access to a large amount of flaked ice at start of service from overnight production. Also remember that capacity will increase significantly wherever you site your commercial ice flaker machine. A beer cellar cooling system will offer a year round ambient of around 52f. Sited behind a bar in Summer with an ambient of 85f production will undoubtedly fall.

Commercial Ice Flaker Machine brands for sale

As well as the Scotsman ice flaker UK series other manufacturers include Icematic, Brema, Hoshizaki, Simag, Ziegra and Maidiad. All fairly reliable appliances with global use and as always cost a major factor. Other considerations asides from unit siting is air flow, water in and drainage. Air cooled units ideally require around 25mm to sides and rear for air on/off (warm air needs to dissipate). Should warm air not dissipate this increases the immediate surrounding air temperature and greatly increases compressor burn out/failure. Consequently not adhering to manufacturer’s advice   re: air flow will invalidate your warranty.

The other major consideration is the temperature of the water in although this may not be obvious to the client. Water in from a supply within a cellar is likely to be 50f which is ideal. Ground level in a warm bar in Summer nudging 70f. Therefore taking an excessive ambient of up to 85>90f and then water in at around 70f. The outcome is that the ice flaker will  simply not produce flaked ice with the unit itself being faultless. Other considerations are a water purifier and drainage. Most flakers will have a gravity drain in that nothing more is needed asides from a drainage hose. However should the drain be above the level of the unit optional drain pumps are available.

Drain pumps will greatly increase the cost of flakers. If no water softener/purifier is inline this can adversely affect the drain pump as the sensors will scale up. External drain pumps are available at lower cost but must be sealed to atmosphere. Water purifiers have reduced in price over the past few years and represent excellent value for protecting an expensive asset. Remember ice is a food stuff.

Crushed flake ice machine favourite cocktails

Mojito, Pina Colada, Moscow Mule, Blue Hawaiian, Cherry Amareto Sour and not forgetting the Margarita. Referring back to manufacturer’s warranty it is imperative that scale is inhibited from the machine. Flaked ice remains the supermarket’s go to choice for keeping display food cool and fresh. There is nothing more appealing than a wide selection of quality fish displayed on a pristine bed of flaked ice. These benefits help keep food attractive and fresh with the corresponding benefits of increased sales and profits. Flaked ice has excellent mobility and guarantees contact with refrigerated display produce while being convenient and sanitary. Sometimes also referred to as a laboratory ice flaker.

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