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This collection of Marstair Cellarator Manual brochures are for reference and general distribution. Use the download link to save locally and/or feel free to use on your own website. The collection of technical manuals are published to encourage the safe installation and maintenance of Marstair cellar cooling systems. Our collection of Beermaster cellar cooler manual brochures are freely available for reference. The Marstair cellarator manual collection is proposed as an alternative to trawling the plethora of doc sites. Marstair was previously part of IMI and has been manufacturing in West Yorkshire for over fifty years and employs around 60 staff.

Marstair was bought out by management (TEV) and backed by private equity fund manager YFM equity partners in 2017. TEV asides from Marstair include the Quartz brand name. Quartz inventory include a wide range of water cooled fan coils and cassettes. Marstair was also subject to a previous buy out in 2003 from IMI plc. Marstair air conditioning and refrigeration eqpt serves leisure, retail and food manufacture. Marstair’s market in predominantly  Europe, Middle East and the UK.

Marstair Cellarator Manual CX(E), CX(E)A, A2L

The CX(E) Cellarator cellar cooling split system is an innovative design. The cellarator benefits from a unique one piece moulded rigid body with an anti-bacterial additive (mould protection). The CX(E) an ideal fit for not only a beer cellar but also food preparation areas, mortuaries and flower stores. Operating temperatures available down to 4°C dependant on condensing unit match. An important safety design is the inclusion of rounded corners. The capacity of the CX(E) range is from 2.3KW>6.8KW.

The CX(E) range also offers the facility for 80 metre pipe runs (with extension kit). Optional extras include ducted condensing units should external installations be impractical such as a residential area or no external access. An optional factory fit electrical heater kit while a de-ice thermostat is fitted as standard. The evaporator (indoor unit) is 6 fins per inch brewery spec. Along with a waterproof power switch electrics are accessible at the front of the unit. Ceiling and wall mounting brackets are also available.

The Marstair cellarator manual for the CX(E) and CX(E)A range details the use of R407c and R410a. The Marstair 17 series MRC is a dressed complete condensing unit running on low GWP R448a and R449a. There are 14 variations of the MRC+ range available from 1/2hp all the way up to 7.5hp. Of the 14 variants 9 models are ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowances) listed. Those ECA listed models as follows: MRC+50 (2hp), MRC+60 (2.5hp),  MRC+80 (3hp), MRC+90 (3.5hp), MRC+100 (4hp), MRC+130 (4.25hp), MRC+150 (5hp), MRC+165 (6hp) and MRC+180 (7.25). The MRC+ range also offer single and three phase options on most models.

The heat exchangers incorporate 5mm tubing reducing the refrigerant required. Marstair have also made great strides to embrace and offer a sustainable choice. As well as the inclusion of R448a and R449a Marstair have now embraced A2L (R454c (XL20) GWP-146). The classification of A1, A2L and A3 essentially determines a refrigerants ‘ability to propogate flame’. Under the ISO 817 Refrigerant Classification Scheme A2L is classed as ‘lower flammability’. While it is very difficult for 2L refrigerants to combust precautions must be made to prevent build up. A typical A3 refrigerant such as R290 has explosive characteristics and is classed as ‘higher flammability’.

Charging systems preferably externally and in well vented areas. For further reference read ISO 5149 and EN 378. The A2Lcellarmatch boasts benefits such as a 93% reduction in GWP with the corresponding environmental benefits. Refrigerant charges are pre calculated for all pipe lengths (inter connecting)., refer EN378 (charge limits). In order to install only a simple skill level uplift is required. There is also no requirement for additional safety measures along with a 5 years parts warranty.

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