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Remote beer cooler Vision 21Thermair are primarily involved in the sales and service of new and used remote beer cooler units (air cooled/glycol). Together with Ice flaker machines, commercial ice machines, cellar cooling, cellar services including cellar boards. The installation and run of pythons to point of dispense and commercial brewery cooling system design and install. Thermair also carry a large number of T Bars, Fonts and single taps ideal for festivals, functions and marquees. MF mini remote beer cooler

Heat dumps come inclusive with glycol remote beer cooler units and installation is available subject to site survey. Thermair offer a bespoke service to micro breweries, pubs, clubs, festivals and restaurants across the UK. We deal with all sizes of clean, used cold rooms with smaller units in stock (up to 3m x 3m).

We carry a vast array of used remote beer cooler parts achieving substantial savings on new without minimum order. Inclusive  sensors, thermostats, standard coils (3.8 metre) or extra long coils (10 metre (maximum of 8)). All coils 3/8″ 316 grade stainless steel with john guest fittings. A range of tried & tested PCB’s available for the Scotsman (Manitowoc) and Cornelius bath sensors.

For remote beer cooler sales all units come complete with a full complement of 3/8″ John Guest fittings. Together with 2 x 15mm isolators for flow and return off the 3 stage top mounted Totton pumps. The remote beer cooler range is available without coils and 2 x top pumps available as an alternative. However please note that the higher capacity 34cc (1 hp compressor) ideally lends itself to this application as opposed to the 21cc units.

Vision V21 remote beer cooler – Shelf beer coolers – Mini remote

Cellar cooling installations (and solutions) are also undertaken using either the widely acknowledged BeerMaster or J&E Hall systems. With the increasing number and appeal of craft beer tap rooms special care and attention/consideration needs to be foremost.  when sizing and selecting cellar cooling solutions use our cellar cooling calculator. Moreover many local authorities will stipulate no more than 40db (in residential areas) for outside units. Consider when sourcing a cellar cooler asides from cubic capacity and whether the cellar is to be above or below ground.

Asides from a site survey, the install of one internal 20 amp supply (typically) in close proximity to the evaporator (inside (blower)). Thermair also cater for the lighter end of the market such as maxi 110, 210 and 310 beer cooler (flash coolers) under shelf/counter and beer coolers for home bars. Remote beer coolers can also have a number of very useful ancillary functions. These include a take of from the top pump to supply cask beer cooling jackets.

Ideal when no cellar cooling or alternative cooling (cold room or back bar keg cooler (under counter/panel) is available. Cask cooling jackets are exceptionally versatile and can be supplied from the top pump of the remote beer chiller. The 15mm flow and return supply can divert to the cask jacket via a John Guest Cooling Manifold (JGNC2183 – 15mm> 2 x 3/8″).

Another function is the supply of chilled water to a external pods. Beer Cooling Pods keep taps extra cold at the point of dispense and maintain a constant temperature. They are also versatile in that they have numerous siting options under bar/dispense.


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