The JCC3 J E Hall Cellar Cooler Now available

JCC3 J E Hall Cellar CoolerThe JCC3 J E Hall Cellar Cooler is now available superceding the JCC2 range. The JCC3 units retain the same robust design. Ideal for cooling a wide variety of applications from florists to fruit and vegetables and not forgetting beer cellars. The J E Hall range will operate down to 4°C and all calculations are based on a 32°C ambient. Also ideal for the micro brewery and holding kegs at 10°C within a cold room environment with recommended panels of 80mm. The J & E Hall range now comprises 6 cellar cooling systems as opposed to the previous 7 systems. These refreshed 6 cellar cooling units cover cubic meterage up to 145m³ above ground and 210m³ below ground.

JE Hall Cellar Cooling Calculator

JCC3 J E Hall Cellar Cooler Updates and Revisions

The JCC3 J E Hall Cellar Cooler unit range remains the most cost effective and reliable solution. Wine and beer cellars rely on a specific temperature to maintain your product at the optimum temperature. Whether that be for use in a micro brewery, restaurant, public house or florist. The indoor units (evaporators) can be ceiling or wall mounted to make the most of available space. Evaporator coils are manufactured in line with brewery specification at 6 fins per inch and are designed to ensure a long life and trouble free operation. There are 2 main revisions and this is that the JCC3-55E replaces 2 previous (JCC2) cellar cooling models. That being the JCC2-50E and JCC2-60E.

JCC3 Cellar Coolers now running on R448/R449

While the cellar cooling range has been simplified it is worth noting that the JCC3-55E offers marginally less than the JCC2-60E but this is negligible. The JCC3-55E offers 65m³ above ground and 115m³ below ground. This compared to the maximum capacity of the JCC2-60E of 70m³ and 120m³ respectively. The most comprehensive revision introduced though is the change over from R410a to R448a/R449a. In respect of the physical components the only changes are with the external condensing units. The four previous condensing units referred to as J5LC15C (25E), J5LC20C (40E), J5LC25C (50E) and the J5LC28C (60E) now become three condensing units. That being the J6LC26CV1 (25E), the J6LC41CV1 (40E) and the J6LC56CV1 (55E).

Whats the difference between R410a and R448a/R449a?

While R410A has an ODP of Zero it has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 2088. Due to its high GWP, it is being phased out as part of the F-Gas Regulations. Manufacturers and industry professionals have been actively working to develop alternative refrigerants with lower GWPs to replace R410A. A ban on virgin R410A for maintenance and servicing came into effect 1st January 2020. Meaning only recycled or reclaimed R410A can be used for maintenance of existing systems. From 1st January 2025, a ban on all HFC refrigerants incl. R410A, will come into effect for new equipment and systems with some exceptions. Follow this link for J E Hall technical brochures, parts lists, troubleshooting and literature.

Refrigerants 448a and 449a explained

R448a (Solstice® N40) and R449a (Opteon™ XP40) are very similar but not identical. Manufactured by different companies. Honeywell sells 448a, Dupont sells 449a. Dupont and Honeywell jointly funded the refrigerants’ R&D. R448a and R449a both have Zero ODP, with R448a having a GWP of 1387 (1273 5th IPCC) and R449a having a GWP of 1,397. While R449A consists of: R32/R125/R134a/R1234yf, R448A is made up of: R32/R125/R134a/R1234ze. Both refrigerants are non flammable with a safety classification of A1. When charging both 448a and 449a Refrigerant must be charged in liquid form to ensure accurate composition. The JCC3 J E Hall Cellar Cooler systems running on R448a are now future proofed.


JE Hall JCC3-25E Cellar Cooling

JCC3-25E J E Hall Cellar Cooling System

The JCC3-25E remains the most popular of the The JCC3 J E Hall Cellar Cooler range and the smallest. While the indoor blower (evaporator) remains the same the outside condensing unit, previously the J5LC15C, now becomes the J6LC26CV1. This revised condensing unit is also quieter at 26dbs compared to the J5LC15C at 29dbs. Also larger and heavier at 38Kgs as opposed to 30Kgs (J5LC15C). Condensing Unit sizes compared.
J6LC26CV1 (JCC3-25E) Dimensions: W 865mm x D 492mm x H 489mm
J5LC15C (JCC2) Dimensions: W 855mm x D 328mm x H 651mm

JE Hall JCC3-40 (JCC2-55E) Cellar Cooling

JCC3-40E J E Hall Cellar Cooling unit

The JCC3-40E has been a fairly like for like replacement. The JCC2-40 has a nominal cooling capacity of 4.27 KWs at 12.7c. The JCC3-40E has a nominal cooling capacity of 4.11 KWs so there is a negligible drop in capacity.
Condensing Unit sizes. The revised JCCE cellar cooling condenser unit is 42Kgs in weight and noise levels at 26dbs compared to the JCC2 condensing unit at 32dbs. Lower sound levels encourage wider applications.
J6LC41CV1 (JCC3-40E) Dimensions: W 865mm x D 328mm x H 651mm
J5LC20C (JCC2) Dimensions: W 855mm x D 328mm x H 651mm

JE Hall JCC2-50E (JCC3-55) Cellar Cooling

JCC3-55E J E Hall Cellar Cooler

The JCC3-55E supercedes 2 x JCC2 units that being the JCC2-50E and the JCC2-60E. The JCC3 sound level is 31dbs and weighs 46Kgs compared to the JCC2-60E at 57Kgs. The JCC3-55E offers a cooling capacity of 5.64Kws and accommodates cellars from 65m³ above ground and 115m³ below ground.
Condensing Unit sizes.
J6LC56CV1 (JCC3-55E) Dimensions: W 855mm x D 328mm x H 753mm
J5LC25C (JCC2-50E) Dimensions: W 855mm x D 328mm x H 753mm
J5LC28C (JCC2-60E) Dimensions: W 855mm x D 328mm x H 753mm

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