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Our collection of Beermaster cellar cooler manual brochures are freely available for reference. Beermaster cellar cooler manualAlso please feel free to download and use these on your own website. The Beermaster cellar cooler started life as the NRS Beermaster in 1996. These cellar cooling systems represent the higher end of the market and correlate to a higher cost per system. The Beermaster cellar cooler manual details the finer points and details of each system. BMIE denotes ‘Beermaster Internal Evaporator’ and BMO denotes ‘Beermaster Outside’. The Beermaster systems were predominantly run on R407c, a retrofit for R22 (phased out early 2015).

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Refrigerant 407c is a blend which comprises over 50% of R134a with an ODP of 0 but with a GWP of 1774. From January 2022 HFC’s (Hydro Fluoro Carbons) with GWP’s of more than 150 are banned in all refrigeration systems. There will also be a ban on using Virgin HFCs for servicing that have a GWP over 2500. The Beermaster evaporator was originally an adaption of a Searle unit. The inclusion of an electronic controller representing the advent of self diagnostics and more intelligent control over the immediate environment. A cellar cooling system should maintain the cellar at 12c (11>13c range).

Furthermore the integral fan within the inside blower (evaporator) should run continuously. Remember that it doesn’t follow that the outside condensing unit will also be running continuously (running costs). Under FGas Legislation the customer is responsible for maintenance. Switching off a cellar cooler overnight is a false economy, it can take around 48 hours to bring kegs down to temperature. To ensure system efficiency check the outside condensing unit regularly. A blocked condenser matrix can result in astronomical running costs as well as a warm cellar. Moreover unnecessary wear and tear on the compressor, replacing compressors is an expensive pastime. Blowing through the condensing unit matrix with compressed air will ensure efficiency.

Beermaster Cellar Cooler Manual (Systems now running on R448a)

Siting remote beer coolers, ice makers/flakers and pop coolers in the cellar increases heat gain. While it is accepted beer coolers are sited near to kegs, sizing a system therefore has to be accurate. Ice makers/ice flaker machines sited at front of house will generate heat and lose efficiency in a higher ambient. However the trade off has to be between convenience (ice to hand) or higher production (lower ambient). There are 3 Beermaster cellar cooler manual brochures listed referring to previous series running on R407c. R407c is classed as a high GWP refrigerant and any ban date is yet to be decided. Irrespective there will be thousands of units installed across the UK running on R407c.

These 5 Beermaster cellar cooler brochures should therefore still be relevant. There are two further more recent manuals detailing Beermaster installation with the replacement gases (R448a). Refrigerant R448a (like R407c) is a blend and must always be charged as a liquid, never as a gas. Liquid refrigerant should never be charged directly in to the suction/return line. Ideally a liquid expansion charging device should be used (Via a manifold gauge set) to bring about a pressure drop (liquid > gas). Ideally the compressor crankcase heater should be on for around 3 hours prior to commissioning and running.

This ensures that liquid refrigerant is dissipated from the compressor. There is also a five minute timer (anti-cycle) that protects the compressor from excessive start ups. Therefore once the system is powered up there will be a delay of 5 minutes. Leaks are a big concern as this alters the blend of R448a as it did R407c. A larger system with a 30 metre pipe run can hold around 8kgs of refrigerant. The leak should be identified and a vacuum pulled and left for 24 hours. Advice would be to recover any remaining R448a and completely recharge the system with virgin R448a. The Beermaster cellar cooler manual will be available on various ‘doc’ sites.

However we trust that grouping them together on one page is far more convenient. These are manufacturers brochures made available to assist in the safe installation of Beermaster cellar cooling systems.

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