BeerMaster BMI Cellar Cooler Sensor 100-482-892



BeerMaster BMI Cellar Cooler Sensor 100-482-892, product code 684193.
Genuine OEM Beermaster Spare.
Bulbs and format can vary, some sensors supplied with earth to protect against 240V interference but seldom required or used. Bulbs vary from plastic to steel tipped, plastic can also take on either a much smaller bulb or the larger tipped conical bulb, all serve the same purpose and will be rated the same (Kohm)

Sensors will be compatible with all Beermaster BMI and BMIE units which take in:
BMI407/216-812-212 display controller PCB is for use with BMI407-37, BMIE407-37, BMI407-48, BMIE407-48, BMI407-69, BMIE407-69, BMI407-89, BMIE407-89, BMI407-104, BMIE407-104, BMI407-133 and BMIE407-133.

BeerMaster BMI Cellar Cooler Sensor may be compatible with: BMIE-448-37, BMIE-448-48, BMIE-448-69, BMIE-448-89, BMIE-448-133. The most recent Beermaster cellar cooling range on R448. Please make contact if unsure.

The Beermaster Cellar Cooling System is a flexible packaged cooling system, designed to fully incorporate the demands of the modern cellar cooling industry. An extensive range of condensing units and evaporators catering for cooling capacities between 3 and 15 kW, with rated ambient temperatures up to 38°C. Temperature range from 4°C to 12°C which meets the increasing range of cooling requirements for pubs, clubs, florists and wine bars. Sound levels have been minimised throughout the range of BMO condensing units and BMIE evaporators.

Addressing cellars with irregular shapes such as ‘dog legs’ then two BMIE evaporators will successfully run from a single Beermaster condensing unit as a ‘Master and Slave’. Designed to minimise sound levels in noise sensitive
locations. The BMIE evaporator compact design incorporates a highly efficient EC axial fanset, reducing sound, resonance and vibration, therefore minimising sound break out into bar and accommodation areas. An acoustic kit option enables a further 6 dB(A)reduction.

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Weight.20 kg
Dimensions5 × 5 × 2 cm
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