Beermaster BMI Controller LED Display 216-812-213


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Beermaster BMI Controller 216-812-213-1 Printed Circuit Board Controller BMI407.
Manufacturer Code: 100462025 – Beermaster BMI407 / 216-812-213-1 controller display printed circuit board. Suitable for all BMI indoor Evaporators This Beermaster BMI407/216-812-213-1 display controller PCB is for use with BMI407-37, BMIE407-37, BMI407-48, BMIE407-48, BMI407-69, BMIE407-69, BMI407-89, BMIE407-89, BMI407-104, BMIE407-104, BMI407-133 and BMIE407-133.

Should also be compatible with: BMIE-448-37, BMIE-448-48, BMIE-448-69, BMIE-448-89, BMIE-448-133. The most recent Beermaster cellar cooling range on R448. Please make contact if unsure.
Product code: – 662702. Manufacturer Wolseley OEM Own Brand Code#: 100462025.

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