Beermaster Cellar Cooler BMO 150 – BMIE 407-89


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Beermaster Cellar Cooler BMO 150 – BMIE 407-89. In excellent A1 condition. Refurbished recent units.
Approx 5Kws at 12c. Approx 4Kws at 4c. Will operate in cellars above ground up to 66M³ and cellars below ground up to 105M³. Refurbished recent cellar coolers always available.

Also suitable for cold rooms, florists and applications requiring temperatures down to 4c. Condensing Unit and Evaporator wall brackets available separately if required.

The Beermaster Range has been the market leader in the packaged cellar cooling system market since its initial launch in 1996. The Beermaster Plus range is a flexible packaged cooling system, designed to fully incorporate the demands of the modern cellar cooling industry. It is an extensive range of reliable, efficient and service friendly condensing units and evaporators that cater for cooling capacities between 3.4kW and 12.4 kW (10°C cellar temperature with 32°C ambient).

In addition sound levels have been minimised throughout the range of BMO condensing units and BMIE evaporators through the introduction of a more efficient fan motor. Further options are available to reduce noise levels in cellars with adjustable speed fans as standard. While originally designed on R407c the Copeland compressors can also be used with the more recent introduction of the more environmentally friendly R448a/R449a. Please refer to Tech PDF brochures for Bee rmaster Cellar Cooler BMO 150 – BMIE 407-89 on the Beermaster cellar cooling manual page.

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