BeerMaster Controller Power Board 216-812-212


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BeerMaster Controller Power Board:
Various Part references include 662903 and 662904
The older syle PCBs are increasingly hard to get hold of.
Power Boards will be compatible with all Beermaster BMI and BMIE units which take in:

Suitable for all BMI indoor Evaporators This Beermaster BMI407/216-812-212 display controller PCB is for use with BMI407-37, BMIE407-37, BMI407-48, BMIE407-48, BMI407-69, BMIE407-69, BMI407-89, BMIE407-89, BMI407-104, BMIE407-104, BMI407-133 and BMIE407-133.

May be compatible with: BMIE-448-37, BMIE-448-48, BMIE-448-69, BMIE-448-89, BMIE-448-133. The most recent Beermaster cellar cooling range on R448. Please make contact if unsure.

The BeerMaster Controller Power board is connected to the Beermaster LCD temperature display board by a ribbon Part ref: 216-812-214

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