ILeaf 2 Core DFX Controller Remote beer coolers


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DFX Controller Remote beer coolers – Arguably the most advanced beer cooler controller to date. Offering unparalleled accuracy (± 0.2 °C), super-bright LED display, easy touch controls, self-learning algorithms and a range of connectivity options. Each controller can be configured to meet the client’s specific needs whether it be a restaurant, outside bar, nightclub, cafe bar, hotel or public house.

There are three standard controllers in the range that being the i-leaf2 core, the i-leaf2, the i-leaf2 plus and the i-leaf2 custom. A number of options with features designed to serve use cases ranging from the more basic to the most advanced.

i-leaf2 Core

The i-Leaf2 Core is the entry level controller in the i-leaf range. Features include: unparalleled accuracy of ± 0.2 °C, with DFX unique probe calibration algorithms,  relay protection for unrivalled service life and multiple fixing and connection options available.

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Weight.05 kg
Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 cm

ileaf 2 eco beer cooler Controller instructions


ileaf 2 eco beer cooler controller instructions. A cost effective way of saving energy and reducing beer cooler running costs

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