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G56 Beer Pumps play a crucial role in dispensing draft/keg beer, ensuring a perfect pour from the keg to the tap. With advancements in technology and design, the G56 beer pump have evolved to address various challenges in the hospitality industry. The G56 Beer Pump is known for its reliability and longevity. Developed by Stanwell Technic Limited (STL), the G56 Beer Pump offers enhanced performance even in arduous cellar environments.

Flojet is a renowned brand in the beer pump industry, offering a wide range of pumps designed for beer dispensing systems. The Flojet G56 Beerjet pump, known for its ability to maintain beer quality from the top to the bottom of every barrel. This pump operates by pushing the beer through the lines without the gas or air coming into contact with the beer, ensuring a perfect pour every time. Additionally, the Flojet G56 Beerjet pump can be used as a line-cleaning pump, simplifying the maintenance process.

1. G56 Beer Pump Installation Guidelines

  • Always follow the brewer’s recommended pressure and gas type for the keg to maintain carbonation levels.
  • The pump should be located within 10 feet (3 Metres)  above the keg for efficient operation.
  • Ensure that the pump ports are facing down to maximize performance.
  • Use mounting grommets provided with the pump assembly to add stability.
  • Fasten the pump securely to the wall or rack to prevent movement during operation.
  • If using a FOB (Foam on Beer detector), mount it slightly above and directly after the discharge of the pump to optimize performance.

Condition: Recycled, Refurbished, sanitized and tested to 90 PSI
Special Notes: Comes complete with a 3/8″ John Guest isolator together with locking/security collars and stainless steel mounting screws.
Wherever possible provisions will be made to supply complete as or with 3/8″ John Guest female fittings.
Where this is not possible (ie barbed) a 10.5mm zero leak ear clamp will be supplied.
If a beer pump is required with all barbed connectors (Craft ale) please make contact.
NB: If using CO2 or N2 then pump must be vented to atmosphere.

Additional information

Weight.7 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 12 cm

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