Scotsman – 62051901 Low Temp Evaporator Sensor


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Scotsman – Simag 62051901 Low Temp Evaporator Sensor. All sensors (current stock) have been removed from Scotsman Ice flakers uneconomical to repair and are therefore Scotsman OEM originals. For simple identification, asides from Part numbers, all sensor plugs are colour coded. Refer to images of circuit boards. Condenser probes have a smaller bulb and are shorter whereas evaporator probes have a larger bulb and typically have a sheath prior to the sensor bulb. If in doubt make contact, no returns.

All sensors are used widely on all Scotsman makes and derivatives of same, such as the following:

SCOTSMAN Icemaker AC106, AC126, AC176, AC206, AC206 ICE SHOT, AC226, AF100, AF103, AF156, AF20, AF200, AF206, AF30, AF80, AFC134, AFC80, EC106, EC126, EC176, EC206, EC226, EF103, EF124, EF156, EF206, EFC134, ICE TOWER, ICE TOWER USPH, MC16, MC46, MC46SPLIT, MF26, MF36, MF41USPH, MF46, MF47, MF51USPH, MF56, MF56ASR, MF56USPH, MF58, MF59, MF66, MF66ASR, MF68, MF69, MFN46, MXG328, MXG428, MXG438, MXG638, MXG938, TCL180, TCS180

SIMAG Icemaker SMI80, SNM300, SNM500, SPN1205, SPN125, SPN255, SPN405, SPN605, SPR120, SPR165, SPR200, SPR80

ICEMATIC Blast chiller 3-4HP

ICEMATIC Icemaker F120A, F120W, F200, F200A, F200W, SF300, SF300A, SF300W, SF500, SF500A, SF500W

BARLINE Icemaker BF80

The earlier board has release clasps, the later board does not, care needs to be exercised when removing condensor and evaporator probes such as the Scotsman – Simag 62051901 Low Temp Evaporator Sensor from the later board.

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