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High Temp Sensor Scotsman 62051900. Fits: Scotsman Ice Flaker Models AF30 models, Scotsman AF100, Scotsman AF103, Scotsman EF124, Scotsman AF156, Scotsman AF200, Scotsman MF 26, MF 36, Scotsman MF 46 (from serial 16546), Scotsman MF56,

Scotsman Ice Cubers: AC056, AC086, AC126, AC176, AC226 and Scotsman EC126 (from serial 03468), Scotsman EC176 (from serial 05105), Scotsman AC106, Scotsman EC106, Scotsman AC206 and Scotsman EC206 (from serial 00555), Scotsman AC226 and Scotsman EC226 (from serial 55171)

Scotsman MC16 models, Scotsman MC46, Scotsman MCM46 (from serial 28850), Scotsman MC1210 models

SCOTSMAN 62051903- 62051900 – 62051904

Grey Ice Thickness Sensor – Also suitable for Scotsman BF80 3-4HP F120A, F120W, F200, F200A, F200W, SF300, SF300A, SF300W, SF500, SF500A, SF500W AC086, AC126, AC176, EC126, EC176 SNM300, SNM500, SPR120, SPR165, SPR200, SPR80

CONDITION: Refurbished, Rectcled, Tested, OEM

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Weight.20 kg
Dimensions8 × 4 × 4 cm


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