Low Temp Sensor Scotsman 62040410 – Simag


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Low temp sensor Scotsman 62040410 – Evaporator Low Tempertaure Probe

Evaporator temperature sensor probe, PTC version, Black Lead with Blue plug, suitable for most Scotsman and Simag machines, for older models

Suitable for:
AC45, AC55, AC85, AC105, AC106, AC125, AC126, AC175, AC176, AC206, AC225, AC226,
ACM45, ACM55, ACM85, ACM105, ACM106, ACM125, ACM126, ACM175, ACM176, ACM206, ACM225, ACM226,
AF10, AF20, AF30, AF80, AF100, AF200,
CD40, ED45, EC55, EC85, EC105, EC106, EC125, EC126, EC175, EC206, EC226,
MC15, MC16, MC45, MC46, MF20, MF22, MF30, MF36, MF41, MF46, MF51, MF52, MF56, MF58, MF61, MF62, MF66,
SPR75, SPR80, SP105, SP125, SPN125, SPR120, SPR165, SP225, SPN225, SPN405, SPN605,

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Weight.20 kg
Dimensions4 × 2 × 2 cm


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