Cellar Cooling System

Thermair offer cellar cooling system solutions, services and sales across the UK. The most important issue when selecting a cellar cooling system is to determine the sizing of your cellar cooler unit. Thermair have drawn on experience and developed an invaluable cellar cooler calculator that puts you in control. Whatever shape or size of your cellar, below or above ground, we only need a few details from you to determine your cellar cooling sizing. Our interactive calculator will then display your cellar cooler unit. Both compatible units (inside evaporator (blower) and outside condensing unit) will be displayed. The cellar coolers sale process offers a ‘supply’ only option, supply and installation and a lease option.

All units selected are arrived at via our very own database to ensure your cellar cooler temperature is critically maintained for the ultimate perfectly chilled dispense. Application, of course, need not be restricted to ales, ciders and stouts and what we would typically find in a pub cellar, increasing demands for wine cellar cooling systems reflects the ongoing Briton’s romance with good wine and the increasing popularity of prosecco. For the supply of draught prosecco equipment and cooling please get in touch.

Please note that any installation of a cellar cooling system assumes no more than a 5 metre run of pipework to and from your equipment and the availability of a 20 amp isolator within immediate proximity of the indoor unit, if a long run of pipework is involved then ideally subject to a site survey. A personal quality and bespoke service to pub chains, micro breweries, clubs, festivals, corporate hire and restaurants across the UK. We also offer initial technical support and advice for cellar cooler repairs should your cellar cooling system rise in temperature. A cellar cooler not working can be one of numerous issues such as partial loss of refrigerant, a faulty sensor or pcb, a 12V transformer failing on a digital controller (no display), a blocked condenser matrix. A common myth being that a cellar cooler icing up can’t be all bad. However typically this is a failed evaporator fan or can be a partial blockage affecting superheat across the evaporator.